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About The Troupe

1998 Troupe Photo
1998 Troupe Photo

The group, Amethyst Scottish Dancers of Nova Scotia, was formed in 1985. It was founded to serve as an outlet for those Scottish / Highland dancers who wish to dance for the joy of dancing and pleasing others, without the pressure and demands of competitive dance.  All the dancers are highly trained and accomplished Highland dancers. Amethyst is comprised of 28 dancers, 19 senior and 9 junior dancers, ranging in age from 9 to 18.  The dancers have won numerous prizes in competition, some have been champions and have represented Nova Scotia in the Canadian Championships.

Most people who attend a dance troupe performance marvel at the unison of the performers. How does such harmony become possible? The answer lies in the esprit-de-corps. In the spirit of camraderie, individuals forsake personal accolades in the interest of the group. During the time they have been together, Amethyst has gained an international reputation for outstanding performances and professional showmanship. They have gained renown in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Mexico for their unique and varied repertoire and outstanding performances.

Amethyst's repertoire includes both traditional Scottish Highland and National dances and dozens of choreographed numbers depicting the people and traditions of Nova Scotia. Audiences world-wide are treated to lively music, exciting dancing and colourful costumes. Our dancers proudly wear outfits of Dress Nova Scotia tartan, often referred to as our trademark.

Although performances are often for charity, Amethyst has a fee schedule based on the program length and location. All fees are used to off-set operating expenses. As a non-profit organization, donations are always greatly appreciated.

The dance group is administered by a voluntary, elected Board of Directors of the Amethyst Society. The work is shared by many dedicated parents of the dancers and friends of the Society.


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