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Appearances & Tours

InterProv '96
Amethyst has been chosen many times to be the official representative of Nova Scotia at festivals, shows and conventions and at other times have served as unofficial ambassadors for the province. Amethyst has thrilled audiences at Clan Gatherings, Weddings, Conventions, summer outdoor concerts, multi-cultural events, on cruise ships, including the Q.E. II, and dockside piers. Their talent, enthusiasm and unique form of dancing has taken them to Festival-By-The-Sea in Saint John, New Brunswick, to Winterlude Window On Canada in Ottawa, to Sea World and the San Antonio Folk Festival in Texas, to London England's Covent Gardens Market, to Edinburgh's and Chester England's Fringe Festivals, to performances in the Banquet Hall of Blair Castle and grounds' of Stirling and Caernarfon Castles. They have appeared on many television shows, including Much Music with Ashley MacIssac, and they have done many shows of their own to raise funds for charitable organizations.

San Antonio Performance, JPG - 10.1 K
San Antonio Folk Festival
The Nova Scotia Protocol Office has chosen dancers from AMETHYST to usher guests and form Honour Guards for visiting dignitaries including Princess Margaret, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the President of Iceland. The dancers had the great honour of performing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her Royal tour of Nova Scotia in 1994 and performing for the leaders of the G-7 countries during the Halifax Summit. They have performed at both the World and Canadian Figure Skating Championships, with Rita MacNeil at the Citadel, and for the N.A.T.O. Foreign Ministers. The Amethyst Dancers are also regular performers in the annual Nova Scotia International Tattoo in Halifax.

Ribbon of Dreams with Ashley MacIsaac, JPG - 18.2 K
Ribbon of Dreams with Ashley MacIsaac
(Photo Provided Courtesy of George Georgakakos)
Queen Elizabeth's Royal Tour, JPG - 25.3 K
1994 Royal Tour of Nova Scotia -- Queen Elizabeth II

Other appearances have included:

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